Dear participants, due to the today’s time pressure, we kindly ask you to revise all provisional sector results on the information board and on this championship website and let us know of any discrepancies as soon as possible. They will be posted/published stepwise…. Thank you. Organizers.

Captains’ meeting

As pre-approved during the captains meeting, we are kindly invite you to the 2nd captains’ meeting, that will be held today (15.Sep) at 18:00 at the captains meeting room (at 7th floor). The topic will be “Future of FIPS-Mouche”.


The results of the WFFC2023 are available in section RESULTS. You can navigate throughout the main menu or clicking on the following LINK.

Competition session time change

Due to the transport reasons the organizer decided to postpone the competition session start on Sector I (Orava) and sector IV (Hron) by 30 mins – the change remains permanent till the end of the championship.

Competition session time change

Due to the transport reasons the organizer postponed the competition session 1 on Sector I (Orava) and sector IV (Hron) by 30 mins. The change is valid only for Day 1.

Captains’ meeting results

Please read carefully all information summarized in the attached presentation, it concludes all points came out as results of the captains’ meeting.

Important information re practice:

In case of any queries regarding the practice, feel free to contact following 3 technically responsible persons:International organizer (IO) – Jozef Trnka +421 905 603 064,Assistant of the IO – Peter Tomko +421 915 788 658,Technical advisor: Igor Hríbik +421 904 551 703. As announced previously list of sales point you can find HERE Organizing […]

Practice during sector closure

For all teams arriving earlier we prepared a list of recommended practice fisheries either directly on the competition rivers (Orava, Vah, Hron) or similar lakes (VVN Besenova, Svitske jazera). In the provided list you can find a fishery number, short description and permit sales points. We draw you attention to the competition map (live google […]

Competition map

The upcoming WFFC 2023 starts in a week and so we have prepared for you google maps of all competition sectors with marked beats. In case you decide to carry out a team inspection of the beats you can use it for as a navigation. For those who are not familiar with the technology, you […]